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How it All Began


Soul Stems was born out of a desire to prioritise my wellbeing and find more balance in my life. Living in Central London, I am used to burning on all cylinders and surviving on very little sleep. My wellbeing has never been at the top of my agenda, until this year. The 2020 lockdown was an eye-opener. I was shocked by the increasing number of mental health issues across the country and the effects the lockdown restrictions were having on the wellbeing of those around me. Fed up with the negative stigma surrounding mental health issues and lack of resources around mental wellbeing, I was propelled to take action.

“I discovered the wellbeing benefits of plants”


On my journey to learn more about my mind and raise awareness around mental health, I completed a Diploma in Mindfulness. As I explored different ways to bring mindful moments into my daily routine, I discovered the wellbeing benefits of plants. Caring for my little green friends gave me a sense of purpose and made my space a nicer place to be. Despite living in Central London, I was able to create a mini sanctuary in my flat with the help of my green friends. I wanted to share this with the world as a simple way to help to improve wellbeing. Finally, after countless days of dreaming, lots of hard work, and a huge amount of support from my loved ones, I took a huge leap of faith, and Soul Stems was born.



“My vision is to build an online space where people can discover how to enhance their wellbeing”


My vision is to live in a world where we all prioritise our wellbeing. I want to build an online space where people can discover how to do this. Soul Stems delivers plants with feel-good vibes, straight to your door. As huge advocates of mental wellbeing, we are donating 2% of all sales to the charity MIND. Find out more about them here

Laura (Chief of Feel-Good Vibes)